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The paint on the Meetinghouse is breaking down

From a distance, standing at the foot of Minuteman Common, the Old Groton Meetinghouse sparkles a brilliant white in the mid-day sun and often glows a beautiful red at sunset. But up close, it’s a different story — with severe paint failure on all sides, and especially noticeable on the front entrance and columns and on the south side facing the Parish House.

Our multi-year Phase 1 Meetinghouse Preservation Project completed this summer after restoring structural integrity in the attic and bell tower, installing long lasting copper roofing on the bell tower, and transforming all paintable surfaces above the roof line.

Now it’s time for Phase 2 of our Meetinghouse Preservation efforts. Please check out the paint failure slide show below and then scroll down to make your pledge.

Pledge for Phase 2 Meetinghouse Rehabilitation

Our goal for Phase 2 is $100,000 in private donations. Pledges of all sizes are welcome.

Nothing could be easier than pledging online to support the Meetinghouse Phase 2 effort. Simply fill in the yellow-colored fields (and the other ones if you want to) and click the Submit button. Thank you for your generosity in support of this important project.


To support the Phase 2 Meetinghouse Rehabilitation Project, I / we pledge to pay
   $   in 2017
   $   in 2018
for a total of $ by May 1, 2018.

Please use this space for com­ments or ques­tions about the Phase 2 Pro­ject.

Submitting Your Pledge

When you click the Submit button below, the financial pledge information is forwarded to our Meetinghouse Phase 2 Project Team for entry into the project records. You will be shown a confirmation screen.


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