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Maddy Premru’s Renewal of Giving testamonial 2014-11-23

We are First Parish.

We are community seeking deep and spiritually and are always glad you’re here. And I’m always glad to be here. First Parish means a lot to me and the people who come here. I’m allowed to be myself, play the piano a few times and wear a different hat each Sunday.

When I was 10 years old, the thought of going to church wasn’t the top thing on my list. I didn’t want to go to some strict place forcing you to worship God. But here, you can worship anything. Anything you believe. As I matured, I started looking forward to attending church enjoying the cool stuff we do in RE (Religious Ed) singing new songs in choir, and being surrounded by an amazing congregation. First Parish has allowed me to learn more about myself and who I may possibly become in the near future. First Parish is like home. It warms my heart to be here. Surrounded by love. And I am very happy to say that we are First Parish.


1 Powder House Road … P.O. Box 457 … Groton, MA 01450-0457 … 978-448-6307 …   …  

Created 2014-12-14