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2018 Water Communion and In-Gathering

Sunday September 9, 10:00 am
First Parish Church of Groton

We will gather in the sanctuary again on September 9 at 10:00 am when we begin the new church year by creating our holy water for the year ahead. We pour our water into a common bowl and are invited to say a word about our water or our spirits.

This service is for all ages and all people. Friends are welcome. If you have not collected some water to bring back to Big Church this is a great reason to go to the beach, or find yourself a lake, pond, river, puddle or pool and gather some water this weekend. And if, like me, you forgot to collect water, we will have plenty for you to use!

The children will return the chalice to the sanctuary. Elea and Alan will be hosting a special coffee hour as a small gesture of gratitude for all of your help and your joyful presence at their wedding.

h love, flow like the waters. The waters from which and through which we were born. Cleanse our words and thoughts so that an attentive mindfulness washes away the habitual. Refresh us when we are thirsty. Go deep, for nothing that stays on the surface does much good. Soothe our bones, for we, too, need health and restoration. Green our dry places that we may remember that it is no sin to hunger for nourishment that is a real.

lood us with questions about our limits and about our next step, that we may dare to ask them. Let your waves wash away the false names granted us by a fearful society, that we may hush, hush. And in that quiet receive our true and deepest names. And pour us now, like clear water, into the bowl of common life, that we may flow together for each other and with each other. Amen.
— Jason Shelton


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Created 2018-09-08