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Renewal of Giving Pledge Form for FY18

Nothing could be easier than pledging online to First Parish. Simply fill in the yellow-colored fields (and the other ones if you want to) and click the Submit button.


   I / we pledge to First Parish Church of Groton for the period July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018
a total amount of:  $

— OR —
   I / we plan to pledge and expect to be able to determine the amount by  

What do you love best about First Parish?

Submitting Your Pledge

When you click the Submit button below, the financial pledge information is forwarded to our Office Administrator for entry into church records. You will be shown a confirmation screen.


1 Powder House Road … P.O. Box 457 … Groton, MA 01450-0457 … 978-448-6307 …   …  

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