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Growing And Grounding Ourselves
December 2006

As you may have heard by now, our minister, Elea Kemler, will be going on a Sabbatical Leave for four months, starting in January of 2008. This means she will be away from the church for a period of spiritual growth and renewal. A committee has been gathered and has begun planning for this important time, and we want to introduce ourselves and tell you what we are doing.

It is our hope that Elea's sabbatical will be a time of growth, reflection, and spiritual renewal, not just for her, but also for the entire congregation. To that end, the Sabbatical Planning Committee has created a list of several tasks.

One is to find a better name for our committee to highlight our excitement about the opportunities for growth presented to us by this experience. Another is to explore possible themes for the congregation to focus on during the sabbatical.

Of course, one of our main tasks is to arrange for Sunday services every week while Elea is away. Here is where you can help. If you have ever thought you might like to create or participate in a Sunday service, or if you have ever heard a speaker or a group that you would like to bring to our church, now is the time for you to turn those ideas into reality. We are actively inviting everyone in the congregation, either individually or in small groups, to share their talents and let their lights shine among us as we grow and stretch to create our own Spectacular Sabbatical Sundays.

We will provide support and assistance in the planning process, so please start thinking now and let any one of us know how we can help you.

There are some grants that provide funds to churches when a minister goes on sabbatical. Our committee will be applying for any grants we know about. We would like to hear from anyone with knowledge or ideas of funding sources we should pursue. Whether or not we receive any grant monies, we will be relying heavily on our own talents and resources to continue the mission and ministry of First Parish during Elea's absence.

Look for our Green for Growth updates about planning for Elea's sabbatical in each monthly newsletter and start thinking now about how you want to contribute to creating Spectacular Sabbatical Sundays!

Becky Pine, Chair
Donna Allen
Karen Johnson
Melinda Green
Steve Lieman
Karen Goudey
Alice van Ormer
Elea Kemler


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