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Moving Toward the Voice of Water
January 2008

The holidays are winding down and the Sabbatical is about to begin! After more than a year of planning and preparation, we are about to embark on our four-month congregation-wide spiritual journey. We on the Sabbatical Committee feel that we are well prepared for this event. The support of the congregation has been strong, and we are excited and confident of our collective ability to create a meaningful and memorable Sabbatical.

The Sabbatical will officially begin with a double blessing service on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, when we will welcome our Sabbatical minister, Sue Phillips, and send Elea off on her journey to seek spiritual refreshment in different surroundings away from the daily business of being a minister.

The following week, our Sabbatical Coach, David Rynick, will return to preach and offer a workshop for everyone in the congregation to guide us all on our personal searches for spiritual refreshment. David’s sermon in November and the two workshops he lead in the fall have all drawn rave reviews from those who attended them. We expect this next service and workshop to be equally stimulating and thought provoking.

We urge everyone to attend these important Sunday services, and, indeed, to continue coming to church throughout the Sabbatical. Each service will offer something new and exciting, and your presence will make it all the more meaningful.

The Sabbatical Committee will continue to function throughout the Sabbatical, to serve as a sounding board for the congregation and be available to the other leadership boards and church committees for any necessary trouble-shooting.

This is our final Moving to the Voice of Water newsletter insert. From now on, please refer to the Sabbatical Handbook and/or check the church website ( for any questions or schedule changes.

As always, feel free to contact any of us if you have any concerns. We look forward to sharing the Sabbatical with you!

Becky Pine, Chair, and Worship Committee liaison
Deborah Johnson, Board of Trustees liaison
Melinda Green, RE Committee and Board of Deacons liaison
Steve Lieman, Renewal of Giving and Leadership Development liaison
Karen Goudey, Welcoming Congregation liaison
Alice Van Ormer, former Deacon, current RE teacher
Susan Randazzo, Caring Committee liaison, former Deacon
Diane Hewitt, Caring Committee liaison
Elea Kemler, Minister


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