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Sabbatical Planning Committee
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Moving Toward the Voice of Water
May 2007

In the March, 2007 update from the Sabbatical Planning Committee, Rev. Kemler outlined the focus and activities of her sabbatical. She quoted Mary Oliver's poem, Thirst, as inspiration for her sabbatical time. We (the Sabbatical Planning Committee & Elea) believe that Elea's sabbatical is a valuable opportunity for all of us — as individuals and as a congregation — to undertake a period of spiritual refreshment and renewal. As a way to parallel the congregation's work with Elea's, we have chosen a poem by Rumi (another of Elea's favorite poets!) as inspiration for the theme of our sabbatical time: Moving Toward the Voice of Water: Seeking Spiritual Refreshment.

Working with Elea, we have developed four, four-week sub-themes to guide us along a journey of spiritual refreshment.

  1. Thirsting: Acknowledging Depletion (January 13, 2008 -- February 3, 2008)
  2. Dowsing: Seeking the Source of Replenishment (February 10, 2008 -- March 2, 2008)
  3. Immersing: Quenching the Thirst (March 9, 2008; March 30 -- April 13, 2008)
  4. Brimming: Flowing into the World (April 20, 2008 -- May 11, 2008)

It is our intention that most of the Sunday services offered during the sabbatical months will tie in to the themes in some way. We are already planning to include a Sabbatical Reflection component in each Sunday service. In this way we will be able to call our attention to the theme every week, regardless of what other exciting things are happening in church! There will also be several workshops offered which will help us focus on the spiritual renewal of ourselves as individuals and as a congregation as a whole. Finally, when Elea returns from doing her own work, she and we will share our experiences with each other, using the parallel themes as a common language to synthesize our work.

As always, feel free to contact any member of the Sabbatical Planning Committee with your suggestions, hopes, concerns and ideas!

The Sabbatical Planning Committee:
Becky Pine, Chair
Donna Allen
Karen Goudey
Melinda Green
Karen Johnson
Elea Kemler
Steve Lieman
Alice van Ormer


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