Aging With Grace

Aging With Grace is meeting this Fall (October 25-November 29; 6 Wednesdays, skipping Thanksgiving Week) 1-3pm. Coaches: Barbara Rich and Kathryn Ellis Moore.

This program offers an opportunity to pause and embrace all the layers of our lives and explore how the passage of time affects us all regardless of our age.

Session Topics are:
Embracing All the Layers of Your Life; Old People in Training; To What Do You Give Your Heart? The Elephant in the Room: Death and Other Losses; Taking a Sacred Pause: Cultivating Self Compassion; The Gifts of Age

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Small Groups at First Parish Church of Groton

At First Parish Church of Groton, and many other Unitarian Universalist churches, small groups are about fulfilling two human hopes— for deep connection, where we can be truly known and accepted for who we are and for spiritual exploration, time to reflect on issues of profound significance in our lives.

People gather in groups of 6 with two co-coaches to talk, listen, think and share thoughts and feelings about some of life’s most important questions. Groups are structured and focused to allow people to go deeper—within ourselves, in our connections to one another, and in our understanding of what is sacred.
Each session includes a chalice lighting, a thought-provoking introduction to the session topic, time for honest reflection, then an opportunity to share in an atmosphere of respectful listening. Participants covenant for confidentiality and are asked to attend all sessions.