Healing Conversations Small Group

Healing Conversations is a small group specifically for those who are moving through grief of the death of someone they love. Coached by Pamela Worden and Rev. Elea Kemler, this group will meets six Thursday afternoons in person. The group will gather to share stories and experiences, to learn about the grief process and to talk about what it means to move toward healing.

Some of the questions we will explore together are: What is this thing called grief? How have things shifted and changed in my life? How do I take care of myself? What will my life look like now? Where do I find strength and support

People who are not members and friends of First Parish are absolutely welcome to join this group, as long as there is space, so please feel free to share the word. For any questions or concerns or to sign up, please contact Rev. Elea Kemler at ejkemler@uugroton.org or 978-448-6307.

Registration is required. Please email ejkemler@uugroton.org for information or to signup. This is an in-person group. If you are interested but would like to attend on Zoom, please let us know.