Sing Our Souls

Li Kynvi is leading this event. This drop-in 4-Friday summer series will begin July 15, and continue through August 5. We’ll meet in the church vestry, with doors & windows open and air exchange fan on. All are welcome any time, including if you can’t be there for the whole time. Folks do not need to be part of FPCoG to come. We’ll begin at 9:00 and finish at or before 10:30 each week.

This is not singing for performance or for improving our singing, but for connection: with ourselves, with each other, and with the larger love.

Here are the COVID guidelines:
Please don’t come if you have ANY symptoms or a recent known close-contact exposure.
Please mask indoors. We’ll have rapid tests available for anyone who wants them. Because of the current numbers and contagion level of recent variants, however, we’re going to mask regardless of test status.

If you’ve had COVID recently, please don’t come until you have a negative rapid test (clean the nose out well before testing, as you can test positive from old pockets of dead virus hanging out in crevices).

Additionally, here are a few specific covenantal agreements I’m asking for:
All sounds are welcome; quiet listening is welcome.

Please no evaluation–“positive” or “negative”–of your own or anyone else’s voice or sound or offering. Instead, maybe:

say what you felt
say where you felt it
just receive in gratitude

Confidentiality: You’re welcome to tell others about your experience, and you may repeat anything I say, but please don’t repeat anything another participant shares.

If there is injury or a breakdown in covenant, I ask that you agree to show up emotionally and do the work of repair to bring us all back in, and back together again.

Take care of yourself during the group, taking breaks as needed.

Ask for what you need: for a song to continue, for clarification, to go back to something, for me to record something so you can listen to it outside of our group time, etc.