The Pandemic Through A Different Prism (Small Group Ministry)

While the whole world experienced the pandemic and months of lockdown, each person’s experience of these world-wide events is unique to them alone, so how are we to assimilate all that has happened to us and to our society. Some might say ‘stash it all away and try to forget’, but for others there is a need to come face-to-face with what transpired during the two or three years of the pandemic.

The small group ministry program “The Pandemic through a Different Prism” offers participants the opportunity to step back into all the thoughts and emotions of those months while, at the same time, stepping away from the immediacy and looking at the experience from a slightly altered point of view. This six-week program (beginning Thursday, April 13 through May 18 from 7-9 p.m.) invites participants to recall their experiences but from the safety of times past.

After the initial session which focuses on intentional listening and the group’s covenant and commitment to each other, subsequent sessions will allow participants to retell their stories of losses, gains, inspirations, personal resources, and finally reentry into a changed, post-pandemic world.

The group will be limited to six-eight participants including the two facilitators Owen Shuman and Deborah Johnson.

For more information or to sign-up, please email