Summer Worship 2022

“Small Church” Summer Services are held in the Vestry and are led by members of our congregation. The services are intimate, interactive, and friendly. Participation from attendees is encouraged. New friendships and connections are made every year. Services begin at 10am.

June 26Donna Nowak – The Mysteries of Sicily
A culture of tolerance and beauty born from Invasions and Eruptions. It’s not a travelogue but there are really nice slides.
July 3Sue Gleason – The Path of the Buddha
Learn how the 5 Mindfulness Trainings (also known as the 5 Precepts) of Buddhism embody and guide us on the path of ever deepening wisdom and compassion for ourselves and for all beings.

In-person: Join us in the Great Room of the Parish House from 7:00 – 8:30pm to watch The Whaler Rider movie together. Masks are required and there is plenty of comfy seating.

If you prefer to watch online on your own schedule, try either of these options:

Watch on Youtube
Please note, this is not a church controlled Youtube channel.
Watch on John’s media server —
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Click on the username: uugroton
Then, click on the image of The Whale Rider movie to play the movie.

If you want to download the movie to your device, click the 3 dots after the heart icon and select Download.
July 10Sal Lombardi – The Whale Rider film discussion
A small Maori village faces a crisis to find an heir for leadership. With remarkable grace and courage 12-year-old Paikea summons the strength to both challenge and embrace a thousand years of tradition to fulfill her destiny.
July 17Pat Fairchild – Who Are You?
Where did your ancestors come from, and why are you here right now? An open conversation to learn about each other.
July 24Melissa Wood – Gratitude and Letting Go
This gathering includes the chance to meditate on gratitude, to name pain/hurt/loss in your life and let it go with poetry and song mixed in.
July 31Cleo Fisher – We are what we cultivate
Song, hope, gardens.
August 7Marcia Synnott – Exposing Slavery at Harvard University
Learn how Harvard and other elite universities admit their implication in slavery and financial support by wealthy slaveholders. And are now pledging financial restitution.
August 14Margaret Burdine – Poetry Sunday
Bring a poem or a short written piece to share, original or not, or just come to listen.
August 21Trish Garrigan – The Buddhist Path to Liberation
In this service we will discuss the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. We will consider how these truths and the path can inform our own spiritual path, and enrich our lives.
August 28Sarah Iacobucci – African Wax Prints
While looking at beautiful African Wax prints, we will discuss their history, how they are made, and Cultural Appropriation.
September 4Bob Kniffin – Look at the big picture. It will help you lose focus on the little things in life.
In this gathering we will share examples on how focus on the big picture can lead to a contented life.
September 11Return to “Big Church” services in the Sanctuary.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions or want to provide feedback on our Summer Services, please email Pat Fairchild at

Top 3 In-person Worship COVID Precautions:
1) Stay home if contagious 2) Get all vaccines 3) Wear a mask, 2+ yrs old