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Summer Worship Services 2006

During the summer months, informal Sunday services are offered on the first floor of the main Church building — the coolest place in town, most summers. These are lay-led services, and they start at 10:00 AM.

If you want more information or want to volunteer to lead a worship service in 2007, please contact .

Child care is available for each Sunday.

Scroll down for the summer 2006 schedule.

Schedule for 2006

Date Leader(s) Topic, title, theme
June 25 Judy Anderson Hymn Singing: This Sunday we will treasure this opportunity to sing the hymns from our earlier times. Most of us come from non-UU traditions — and from a different hymn-book. Let’s sing some of those hymns and reflect on how the ideas that we sing about have changed for us — and how they have remained unchanged. If you would like to sing a special hymn, please let Judy know in advance so that she can prepare. Please email your hymn requests to before June 18, and please let us know who you are and how to reach you if it happens that Judy can’t find the music.
July 2 No service
July 9 June Johnson and Steve Lieman Being Nonviolent in a Violent World: Physical violence is around us all the time on TV, in the news, perhaps in our homes. More pervasive, more affecting every human being is verbal violence. Our words often lead to hurt and pain for others and ourselves. Come to this participatory service to focus on communication skills that strengthen our ability to remain human and to be a compassionate communicator to others. The gentle sound of several harp pieces will provide an extra healing touch to the morning’s proceedings.
July 16 Donna Nowak Friendship: the Scratch and Sniff Test: This service goes below the shiny surface of friendship to scratch away at why some friendships work and why some do not. We will explore what it takes to be a true friend and to recognize when a friendship is supportive and when it is toxic. The service will be interactive and there will be some moving around, but it will be quiet and thoughtful. It will also get you started on seriously examining relationships. This worship is a repeat of one that the Senior High Youth did this year, so if you ever wondered what goes on in Youth Group, this would be a great introduction.
July 23 Kanti Mann Zen Master Bomun
July 30 Susan Hughes and Gregg Baker Professing the UU Faith: Being a UU is so easy to do, but sometimes hard to define! What do we believe? This service is a great way to discover what the UU faith is all about, and to better understand how to explain it to others.
August 6* John Jackson Bring Your Favorite Poetry*
August 13 Dr. Alireza Pakyari Persian Musical Traditions
August 20 Keith Dawson A Recovering Physicist: Learn a bit about how the physics of the very small and the very large — the quantum and the cosmos — have obsoleted the 19th-century strict materialist worldview that many of us learned in school, and opened the door to wonder. You can view the service on the Recovering Physicist site here.
August 27 Jeff Close Decoding the Solar System: Did you ever wonder what the solar system means? This Sunday Mr. Close will decode the meaning of the solar system simply and clearly. Mr. Close's presentation is based entirely on known facts. Come see the what the meaning of the solar system implies about our place in it.
* Note: on August 6 the Littleton, Harvard, and Stow UU communities will be hosting a joint, clergy-led service at the Littleton church. They have invited us to attend. Your Summer Worship committee has decided to mention this service as an alternative for August 6. If you would like more information, please email Elinor Gentilman of the Littleton Women's Alliance at .

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