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Summer Worship Services 2016

During the summer months, informal Sunday services are offered on the first floor of the main church building — the coolest place in town, most summers. These are lay-led services, and they start at 10:00 am. (Here are archived the services from 201520142013201220112010200920082007 and 2006.)

Scroll down for the summer 2016 schedule.

Summer services for 2016

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Date Leader Title, description Music by
June 26 Donna Nowak Surprising Spiritual Practices: Spiritual practice draws you deeper into who you really are by connecting with your divine self. But don’t be put off by the “S” word. It is not so much about the form but the quality. You may be doing it already and in surprisingly delightful ways.  
July 3 Tom Nalesik Founding Fathers Fast-Forward Day: Ben Franklin had his religious side – so did Thomas Jefferson and others. On this Independence Day weekend, we will pay homage to the country’s founders by offering a snapshot of some of the ways they contributed to the religious and spiritual make-up of present-day America. Thanks to time travel technology, we may even have a surprise appearance by one of the Founding Fathers.  
July 10 Christina Rogers Balance: How do we find it? In our lives and in our spirits… Please bring a small object that either reminds you to stay balanced in your life or to keep you balanced. It can be a book that has helped you, a picture, or a small memento to share.  
July 17 Trish GarriganListening, Inside and Out: We will explore what it is to really listen “inside” ourselves, to relate to ourselves in a kind manner, and discern what the right next steps might be. We will also explore listening to the world and each other with our ears and our hearts. We will be joined by a few musicians to hone our listening skills. A few musicians
July 24 Margaret Burdine Poetry Sunday: Bring a poem or short written piece to share, original or not, or just come to listen.  
July 31 Irv Rockwood The Problem of War: Questions on the contemporary interplay of war, faith, conscience, and the democratic process.  
August 7 Rev. Steve Edington 13th Annual Joint Summer Service: The UU church in Littleton will host 7 UU churches celebrating our UU heritage and renewing friendships with our UU neighbors. Pick-up choir
August 14 Marcia Synnott Interpreting Monuments and Statues Celebrating Past Leaders: Protests by minority students against racial discrimination in America have forced universities, state capitols, and people in general to confront their views about monuments and statues to past leaders. After Marcia’s presentation, you will be asked to express your views. Sue Gleason
August 21 Debi Green Learning to Love Yourself: A journey of self-discovery through words and music. Debi Green
August 28 Laura Williams Gratitude and Letting Go: We all have hurts – large and small – that we would like to let go of. It’s easier if we start from a place that recognizes gratitude in our life. Come to this ritual-based service with singing, poetry and fire.  
September 4 Melinda Stewart Building Spiritual Community: We will talk about the nature of community, how we build and maintain it and what works for each of us.  
September 11 Rev. Elea Kemler Big church resumes: Don’t forget to bring some water from your summer. Shawn McCann

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